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Metrics Communities Inc.
Real Estate Development 

Optimizing your real estate involves many complex steps.  Determining the highest and best use means understanding the market conditions, what the costs and benefits would be, and hiring a multitude of consultants to gather and analyze all the information for you to make the right decision.


Development Management


Site Eligibility

Our team will provide an assessment to determine the potential eligibility for development.  In few short  days you will discover the possibilities your land may present and how to reach it's highest and best use.

Third Party Consultants

Assembling the right development team is crucial to obtaining municipal and regional approvals.  Metrics will assist in creating a team for your specific development objectives.


From day to day management through to sales input and design, Metrics takes our client's from the eligibility phase to final approval in an efficient, cost conscience direction.  Always, keeping you and your interests in mind.

Tarion Approved

Metrics Communities is a Tarion approved Builder/Vendor.  We will help you with the development management and participate with the sales and building process.

Reasonable Fees

Realistic and fair is how Metrics operates. Our fee structure is competitive to allow you a cost effective solution for you real estate projects.

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